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About R.E. Staite

R.E. Staite Now

In 2012, Dredging Contractors of America ranked  R.E. Staite Number Two in the Nation for small business dredging contractors as well as Number 11 in the Nation overall.  R.E. Staite has removed hundreds of thousands of yards of toxic seafloor sediments from various California ports, making us a leader in environmental stewardship. 


Some of the R.E. Staite's noteworthy projects: 

  • General Contractor for NASSCO South San Diego Bay Environmental Restoration project

  • Joint venture construction of the Nuclear Carrier Wharfs for the U.S.S. Reagan and U.S.S. Stennis

  • Construction and dredging of the National City Marina Basin

  • Pile driving and foundations for both phases of the ​San Diego Convention Center

  • Pile driving and foundations for the Hilton, Marriot and Hyatt Hotels

  • General Contractor for bridges for ​CALTRANS, Cities of San Diego, National City, Imperial Valley and the County of San Diego


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R.E. Staite Engineering, Inc. (RES) was established in 1938 by Robert Edward Staite. Ray Carpenter, a third-generation San Diegan, assumed presidency of R.E. Staite in 1978 and continues its legacy of success today.  RES is a small business, general engineering contractor with offices and marine facilities in San Diego and Mare Island in California. For over 75 years,  RES has specialized in marine and heavy construction, deep pile foundations, bridge construction and dredging.  R.E. Staite has successfully completed projects along the western seaboard from Panama to Alaska.  

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